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Johnny Roy & The RubTones: Music

Brackins Halloween Party 2007

That Lovin' I Crave

Costume Contest Begins!

The Fairy Wins

The Blarney Rose

I Put A Spell On You

(Johnny Roy & The RubTones)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Mark Hoekstra does his Screamin Jay Hawkins impersonation !!!

Season Of The Witch

(Johnny Roy & The RubTones)
One of Donovan's more paranoid moments in song lyric.

Hey Hey Now

(Johnny Roy & The RubTones)
Phillip Walker
johnny roy on vocals


My Baby's Puddin' - Live 07

(Johnny Roy & The RubTones)
Wynonie Harris
Tim - the bartender's favorite!

Leave My Little Girl Alone

(Johnny Roy & The RubTones)
Mark Hoekstra on chromatic and vocals...listen up!